AHP #196 – The Port Arthur Paradox


  1. Susan West says

    Is there a printed version published so it can be purchased? Thanks
    Bryant is an innocent man until he is in court facing all charges and having a jury of his peers convicting him. I know of NO facts that have been tested, we must have a royal commission before everyone is too old to recall facts.
    We had no royal commission, nor inquiry of any type to test any and all statements by persons on the scene or factual information provided. I have read several accounts already published.

  2. Ron Mewburn says

    My son was charged with Murder in Victoria and due to ” his privacy” I couldn’t find out any details

  3. henry Balfour says

    Just finished my second, consecutive, listen through this interview with Zimmerman. This is an excellent podcast – and I will link several people to it. Thank you Jason, for getting this podcast to air. I can tell that both you and Oskar are necessarily circumspect with your handling of the material. I don’t need to be, so I am, and have been since 1996, in a deeply angry state of mind. The people who sat around this event, and managed it, need to be brought to justice.

  4. Can someone show me were a government person or document says it is locked for100 years

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