AHP #180 – 1080 Poison In New Zealand With Michelle Read

On this episode of AHP:

  • Michelle Read discusses the terrible affects of Sodium Monofluoroacetate(1080) in New Zealand
  • What is 1080 poison and how its made
  • Where and how 1080 is dropped
  • What animals can suffer from 1080 and how it kills
  • What species are targeted by the NZ government and why
  • 1080 in the rivers, dams, and creeks of New Zealand
  • Why dogs are very susceptible to 1080
  • The lifespan of 1080 in animals that have been affected

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

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  1. Karl Barkley says

    Read Safety Data Sheet for 1080 and make your own mind up !

  2. Michelle, you are my HERO!!!! What a brilliant voice for the anti-1080 movement happening here in NZ and Australia alike……you are amazing, and so knowledgeable….LOVE THIS!!!
    Thank you!!!!!

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