AHP #156 – Max Farrelly Versus Fisheries NSW


  1. Malcolm Poole says

    Hi, listened too the podcast, interesting stuff when it comes to the complexities of Fisheries and Marine Park Regulations.
    Why should fishers use their licence fees pay for marker buoys when its government regulations?
    Its the roles and responsibilities of all government agencies to clearly communicate their rules and regulations and how they must clearly identify such to all users.
    NSW Licence Fees were used in the Fisheries FishSmart App for Iphones and Android smart phones, when the App and tracking mode is used the marine park mapping zones which then allows you to see where you are within normal gps technology error limits.
    As for the accuracy of zoning maps then if proven incorrect or in error then the MPA should rectify such asap.
    It would be interesting to get the MPA compliance stats and relevant codings for all Marine Parks to test the theory of fines and revenue raising, maybe an FOI might be a good start.

    • Mate you are 100% right. The government wont pay though because its a cash cow of revenue. Why would fisheries pay for maker buoys when they make a bucket load of cash off prosecuting rec fishos? A lot of people dont have smart phones, especially older people who arent good with technology. The marine parks should be clearly marked on maps.

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