AHP #123 – Straight Shooting

AHP123 - Straight Shooting


  1. Keep up the good work boys, love the show have every episode.
    Keep fighting for the cause.

  2. Disappointed you didn’t mention my facebook post maybe a little truth behind it? Thank god SFF did sweet bugger all in the election, also before sprouting words of wisdom about protecting yourself/family learn about use of force, learn about escalation of force and learn about what is classed as justifiable force! I am not in anyway against the use of force upto and including lethal force for the protection of my family! You two laugh at the comments yet so many people were liking the posts and by virtue agreeing with them. The SFF campaign was not in the interests of shooters and judging by the below average result by the SFF at the election many agreed with this conclusion and deserted the SFF!!!

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