AHP #111 – The Everyday Hunter With Sean Frazer

AHP111 - The Everyday Hunter with Sean Frazer

On this episode of AHP:

  • Sean Frazer on his enjoyment of pistol shooting
  • Female partners who hunt and shoot.
  • Guns he owns and what he enjoys hunting
  • His run in with the law and having to fight hard to keep his guns
  • When sometimes shots done go right and how a hunters follows up for an ethical kill

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

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  1. Great to have Sean Frazer on the program, his passion for the sport and the culture really shows. I believe there are many girls who would like to join in the sport but something is lost in that only few girls can talk to other girls about the novelty in the sport. Perhaps getting a few blogs or women’s magazines on the issue would make the sport more accessible. Thank you for your service Sean Frazer.

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