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All Stickers are approx 20cm x 18cm and all die cut(as shown in photo). Great for the gun safe, ammo box and even better for the car window. Use them as you please.

How to apply AHP stickers.

  1. Remove 1 side of the backing paper very slowly and take care not to remove the sticker from the top opaque sheet. The sticker should be stuck to the transparent(clear) soft sheet, NOT the hard white backing surface.
  2. Once the sticker is ready to apply drench your car window with water. Use a hose or spray bottle.
  3. Spray the sticky side of the sticker with water(it wont lose its stickiness don’t worry.)
  4. Place the wet sticker on the wet windscreen. The wet window will allow you to make small corrections by sliding it around on the wet window.
  5. Once the sticker is in place, squidgy all the water out with a flat object. Make sure all water is gone from under the sticker.
  6. Once all the water is out leave the clear front backing plastic on the sticker in the sun or overnight. DO NOT remove the clear plastic until the sticker is 100% dry.
  7. After the sticker has dried slowly peel away the front backing to show the wonderful sticker.