Meet The Host


Jason was born and bred in Sydney Australia where he currently resides. Jason has been Hunting and shooting for over 15 years and enjoys hunting, shooting and fishing in the great outdoors. Jason has a huge passion for wing shooting and enjoys hunting Red fox, either by whistling them in, or under spotlight at night. He has also taken up Deer hunting which he thoroughly enjoys. His next bucket list species he would like to cross off his list is Red Deer.

When Jason is not out helping remove feral pests from clients properties he can be found at the trap, rifle or pistol range honing his skills in marksmanship to become a better hunter and shooter. He enjoys having friends and family over for smoked meat BBQ cookouts on Sundays and is known for his charcoal roasted meats.

Jason has a passion for filming videos for YouTube and enjoys filming his hunts and sports shooting activities. He has a love and hate relationship with politics but enjoys the passion in fighting for hunting, shooting and fishing rights in Australia.

Jason has enjoyed interviewing and presenting to his audience some of the most experienced people in the hunting, shooting and fishing community. Not only does it create a positive and exciting outlook for the future of outdoor sports, but Jason has learnt a lot by surrounding himself with people who have a huge passion for the outdoors.

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