AHP #137 – A Weekend With Shooting Stuff Australia

On this episode of AHP:

  • Marty and Aaron from SSA on guns they own and enjoy shooting
  • The Sam Lee video debacle
  • Who they vote for an why?
  • Gun ownership in Australia
  • Making YouTube videos and why they started
  • The Paul Farrell guardian Interview

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

AHP #79 – Talking Guns With Ozzie Reviews

AHP079 - Ozzie Reviews

On this episode of AHP:

  • Who is Ozzie Reviews on YouTube
  • Why he started reviewing firearms and equipment
  • What plans does he have for YouTube in the future
  • Thoughts on David Leyonhjelms concealed carry comments after the Sydney Siege
  • What political party does he support and what are they doing right
  • What can our orgnisations  do better for the future
  • How can we be more like the NRA in lobbying techniques
  • The right to self defence
  • Chicago concealed carry stats and results as permits surge

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

AHP #24 – Fieldsports Channels Charlie Jacoby

AHP024 - Charlie JacobyFieldsports Channel TV is an awesome weekly hunting, shooting and fishing show located in the United Kingdom. Charlie Jacoby is one of the owners and host of the successful TV series.

Fieldsports Channel TV have traveled across the world to showcase different cultures of hunting and shooting. Charlie and his crew have traveled to Australia to do an episode of Fieldsports while attending the Shot Show in Melbourne.

Charlie has his signature sign on for every show and certainly has a quirky knack for creating quality interesting video content for Fieldsports Channel.

AHP #18 – Hunting Coyotes With Bucking the Odds Outdoors Uriah Wurst

AHP018 - Uriah WurstUriah Wurst and Lance Benson are the 2 hunters behind Bucking the Odds Outdoors. A team of Coyote predator hunters who love to lay coyote fur on the ground.

Lance and Uriah have been hunting since they were kids and love filming their hunts for YouTube. They use a different array of firearms and their YouTube footage is absolutely amazing. They have captured Coyotes barn storming into the call while other Coyotes stay out at distance because they are call shy.

Visit Uriah’s hunting buddy Lance Benson’s YouTube page to see all the awesome videos.

AHP #6 – I Like Guns With Steve Lee

AHP006 - Steve LeeCome on, everyone knows the song by Steve Lee called I like Guns. I Like Guns music video on YouTube was a huge success across the world.

Steve a native of Broken Hill who now lives in Parkes NSW is a singer songwriter who releases a music CD of his love of guns. That’s right, a whole album of gun loving songs by an Australian singer. Steve also managed owns Parkes Paintball and also runs a fireworks business.

Steve joins us to talk about his rise to fame and his love of everything guns.