AHP #136 – The American Experience With Jason Long


On this episode of AHP:

  • Jason Long from the USA on the importance of the Second Amendment
  • What it means to be an American gun owner
  • The  freedom of firearms ownership
  • What he enjoys shooting
  • The right of self defence
  • Hunting in America

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

AHP #72 – Firearms Freedom With Bunny Hunter

AHP072 - Bunny Hunter

On this episode of AHP:

  • Floridian Bunny Hunter on her love of guns
  • Her love of hunting, shooting and fishing
  • The Second Amendment and its meaning to Americans
  • Why woman should be armed for self defence
  • How she planned moving to the Gold Coast and what stopped her
  • How she felt after the Sunrise Australia program interview
  • The gun friendly states of the USA
  • What the future holds for Bunny hunter

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

AHP #53 – Straight Shooting

AHP053 - Stright Shooting

On this episode of Straight Shooting:

  • Crocodile Culling Stopped by Greg Hunt
  • Retouching on firearms registration and the pros and cons
  • Barry O’Farrell steps down for lying to The Independent Commission Against Corruption
  • Casualties of O’Farrels removal as Premier of NSW
  • California anti gun senator Leland Yee found to be running illegal guns
  • Apathetic Shooter segment
  • Canadian Greens Parties contradictory stance on guns
  • SSAA Sydney Branch annual general meeting for 2014
  • And much more

AHP #25 – Hunting Pigeons With Soar No More Decoys Neal Hunt

AHP025-Neal HuntWe have hit the quarter century for podcasts(25) and I got a chance to interview Neal Hunt from Sore No More Decoys over in the United Sates. Neal is the CEO and President of Soar No More Decoys who provides quality decoys for hunters wanting to be able to decoy the feral rock pigeon into your setup.

The Feral Rock Pigeon is a species found all over the world and we have literally millions of them here in Australia. Because The Feral Rock Pigeon is an introduced species there is no season and know limit on the amount you can shoot in 1 day or year round!

Neal and his friends have been hunting pigeons for many years and the hunting fever of hunting pigeons is finally starting to catch on in the states and around the world. This is because it can be fast action and if you are in the right place you can have some of the best wing shooting you have probably ever had.

In Episode 25 Neal will teach you:

  • Where to Hunt Pigeons
  • What Firearms to use
  • How many decoys you need
  • Best methods to scouting for pigeons
  • Shotgun shot size
  • Shotgun choke selection
  • And much more

AHP #23 – HuntCast The Outdoor Show’s Joe Duckworth

AHP023 - Joe DuckworthJoe Duckworth is the host of the American hunting and shooting show Noslers HuntCast The Outdoors Show. Joe has a large following of regular listeners who contribute content to the show and he engages with his audience.

Joe is  a supporter the the 2nd Amendment and the right to own and use firearms for a variety of reason including self defence of ones life and belongings.

HuntCast The Outdoors Show has been broadcasting for over 5 years sharing great content with American hunters, shooters and fisherman.