Another Beretta 92FS Shoot

I went out for a fun day shoot on Saturday with the Beretta 92FS. I just got my full cat “H” handgun licence and it was time to go off and enjoy the hard work and dedication it has taken the last 14 months.

I was a great day on the range and my shooting technique could do with a little practice but all in all I love this bloody thing! Shoots well when the owner does his part!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Benelli M2 12 Gauge Shotgun Review

Well I went through the process and imported a Benelli M2 12 gauge synthetic with Comfortech Stock and a 28″ barrel. Great piece of kit. It did have a small pit/rust on the top of the barrel in one area obviously due to sitting at customs for sometime with only the packing grease from the factory. I got most of it off with a little solvent but it could need some more attention. But lets get out and shoot it first!

Came in a hard case with 5 chokes.

Hope to get to shoot it on the weekend. Thanks to the folks at Beretta!

Beretta 92FS – A First Shoot

Hi guys, here is the video of my new Beretta 92FS i picked up a few weeks back! I had the pleasure to get out and shoot it over 2 weekends and there is some refinement needed but that will come in time. I ended up paying around $1050 for it and it came in a small plastic case with 2 magazines as standard. I am thinking of purchasing a .357 mag S&W 686 as well over the next few months. Once I am off probation i intend to take a look at all disciplines and gauge which firearm will work for competition shooting that will have good accuracy.