AHP #137 – A Weekend With Shooting Stuff Australia

YouTube, its a place where we can share our video content with the world. Its where we can be judged on our actions, our content, and be trolled but upset viewers. On a recent trip to Queensland to visit family I was offered to go hunting & shooting with Marty and Aaron from Shooting Stuff Australia. They ha planned to make several videos during the long weekend shooting guns. I had a great weekend where I was treated like a mate.

Some people have accused Marty & Aaron from being unsafe. As most people know I wont hunt or shoot with people who I believe aren’t safe. At no stage did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe during the trip. In fact I was stoked how well we all got on together. It was like we had been mates for ages. We ll have a love of firearms and fun. These guys love to push the boundaries of visual content by giving their viewers not just your average video, but something fun and interesting.

Marty & Aaron share their thoughts on:

  • What guns they own and enjoy shooting
  • The Sam Lee video debacle
  • Who they vote for an why?
  • Gun ownership in Australia
  • Making YouTube videos and why they started
  • The Paul Farrell guardian Interview

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.