AHP #44 – The Everyday Hunter With Mark Van Den Boogaart

AHP044 - Mark Van Den Boogaart

On this episode of The Everyday Hunter:

  • Mark Van Den Boogaart on hunting in state forests
  • QLD hunters travelling over the border to go hunting in NSW
  • His use of game meat to feed the family
  • His favourite species to hunt
  • Non hunting shooting related activities
  • His favourite guns he owns

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

AHP #40 – The Everyday Hunter With Alex Proft

AHP040 - Alex Proft

On this episode of The Everyday Hunter:

  • Alex Proft on hunting in state forest in NSW
  • Success of hunting and how to achieve it
  • His favourite game species
  • Why he likes his 7mm/08
  • What he loves about being out in he bush
  • What keep him coming back to hunting

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

AHP #17 – UK Shooter, Hunter, And Journalist Mike Yardley

AHP017 - Mike YardleyMike Yardley is a shooter, hunter and journalist  out of the United Kingdom. Mike runs the website positiveshooting.com.

Mike has written over 3000 articles for an array of different firearms issues for magazines. Mike is the author of several books and believes in good gun fitting and the positive shooting mindset. Mike has reviewed thousands of firearms over his lifetime and gives honest feedback on all his reviews.

Mike, with the help of Discovery channel completed a re-enactment of the Dallas Texas Kennedy assignation. Mike’s assessment of the re-enactment in his opinion is Lee Harvey Oswald, “or” the shooter who in fact shot John F Kennedy, certainly  could have realistically made those shots that killed President Kennedy.

This was a great interview. I really enjoyed hearing about the John F Kennedy assignation because I have many friends who live in Dallas Texas. I have been to Dallas about 5 times since the early 2000’s. If you get a chance to go to Dallas, You’ll love it.

AHP #15 – CZ Exhibition Shooter And Hunter Tom Knapp

AHP015 - Tom KnappTom Knapp is a legend in his own right! A man who can shoot clays like a robot. A trick shooter with a great set of shotgun skills.

If you hear Toms voice you know exactly who he is. Tom Knapp is an exhibition shooter from Minnesota in the USA. Tom was with Benelli Firearms for over 20 years before being picked up by CZ USA. Tom has held many records such as shooting 8 hand thrown clays with a pump action shotgun in 2.2 seconds. He is a world record holder.

Tom was a big time hunter, shooter and was very drawn to politics surrounding Americans rights to own firearms.

I am glad i was able to interview Tom Knapp because unfortunately, Tom passed away in mid 2013. This was one of my best and most enjoyed podcasts to date. I wish i had the opportunity to interview Tom  again. Its sad that I wont be able to.

RIP Tom.