Breach – Our Unsecured Data

Breach – Our Unsecured Data by A W Jones.

As a gun owner I expect certain things from the police, just as any other citizen does. Courtesy, professionalism, and a timely response to any issues. I think that’s a fair call. What I don’t expect is my personal details and information about the firearms I own or their location spread all over the internet, or my firearms license to be sent to another person. Sadly or more to the point, continually this is not the case.

In the last few years there have been a constant string of suspected breaches, none of the weapons licensing branches have actually come clean and said if they were hacked or not in any definitive way. Firearms  licence holders details are potentially being kept on an unsecured server, and  there are enough thefts to warrant firearms owners being, if not paranoid, then downright suspicious of where the data is ending up, and in whose hands.

It’s interesting to note that recently a police officer on the Gold Coast was stood down facing criminal charges for accessing the police data bases to get the current address for an acquaintance, of said acquaintances ex partner. Think about that for a moment, this guardian of public safety decided it was ok to pass on the details of someone and place them at risk of violence. What else was he passing on?

The cold hard truth is that many of the boys in blue are not fit to wear the uniform and are content to break the laws the are supposed to uphold. I have the utmost respect for those that do their job properly but it seems that these officers are now in the minority.

What this latest incident shows us is that the system of firearms registration in this country is seriously flawed. The people in charge have no idea or technical knowledge in most cases about firearms of any type.  Who could forget the Victorian assistant commissioner claiming;

“ I’m not really sure what it is but I think it’s some kind of automatic”

For those of you that missed it, he was talking about a savage bolt action tactical rifle! There is a clip of the interview floating around on the internet. If this sheer stupidity wasn’t so tragic it would almost be comical. Unfortunately, this kind of incompetence is what shooters are facing on a daily basis from the upper levels of police forces across the country and these are the people that are supposed to administer and guide the system.

Personally I have had many an argument with the Queensland Weapons licensing section about everything from importing magazines to the number of rounds you can stuff into a Winchester 30/30 and FYI, according to Queensland Weapons Licencing Branch it’s a single shot. And yes I have the paper work to prove it.

So how do we combat this? Honestly I really don’t know. I do know the people responsible for these monumental, and please pardon the term fuck ups, need to be held to account. In the private sector any of the recent breaches would be a sack-able offence. In my opinion the current system is a shopping list for criminals and terrorists and should be scrapped along with the farce that is the National Firearms Agreement.

AHP #124 – Firearm Owners United President James Buckle

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James shares his thoughts and opinions on:

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Pro Shooters Continue Friendly Fire, But Calling Them Out Makes You The Problem

Friendly FireI wrote an article last week on Sporting Shooter Magazines Technical Editor Nick Harvey who sold out gun owners on gun rights. Poking around the internet it seems there were some hurt feelings, good! Facts don’t care about your feelings.

The amount of excuses flying around as to why Harvey wrote an “opinion” piece to the Daily Telegraph defies belief. Some people think Harvey is a living legend, really? I highly doubt that Nick Harvey wouldn’t last 5 seconds in an organisation like the NRA with opinion’s like that.

Marcus O’Dean the Sporting Shooter Magazine Editor has provided a myriad of excuses for Harvey on a hunting and shooting forum which doesn’t address the problem. Excuses just ingrain further apathy among shooters who are trying to make a difference.

The issue lies with pro gunners who say something that doesn’t support gun rights in the media. When they are taken to task on those comments they blame everybody else but themselves. We then become the enemy, and how dare we draw attention to their comments. Its our fault remember?

Those people under fire start calling for unity among shooters! Those who often preach unity are the ones least likely to practice it. Harvey and Sporting Shooter Magazine are the ones causing dis-unity, stand up and accept that fact, stop blaming others for your division!

Its time that people who would attempt to blame us for their media shortcomings stand up and take responsibility for their weak media presence and weak arguments they put forward.

Dont forget, how dare we want our rights back!