AHP #143 – Self Defence With IDF Trainings Avi Yemini

On this episode of AHP:

  • Avi Yemini on how IDF was formed
  • Self Defence with firearms
  • What courses are run at IDF training
  • The Apex gang and how to stamp it out
  • Why you ashould take self defence classes
  • The violence and gang issues affecting Victoria

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

AHP #134 – Graham Park & David Brown From Shooters Union Australia


On this episode of AHP:

  • Graham Park and David Smith on what Shooters Union stands for
  • Why the Shooters Union started
  • The state of play of gun laws in Queensland
  • Gun rights V’s priviliges
  • Working with Government and Police in Queensland

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast

Pro Shooters Continue Friendly Fire, But Calling Them Out Makes You The Problem

Friendly FireI wrote an article last week on Sporting Shooter Magazines Technical Editor Nick Harvey who sold out gun owners on gun rights. Poking around the internet it seems there were some hurt feelings, good! Facts don’t care about your feelings.

The amount of excuses flying around as to why Harvey wrote an “opinion” piece to the Daily Telegraph defies belief. Some people think Harvey is a living legend, really? I highly doubt that Nick Harvey wouldn’t last 5 seconds in an organisation like the NRA with opinion’s like that.

Marcus O’Dean the Sporting Shooter Magazine Editor has provided a myriad of excuses for Harvey on a hunting and shooting forum which doesn’t address the problem. Excuses just ingrain further apathy among shooters who are trying to make a difference.

The issue lies with pro gunners who say something that doesn’t support gun rights in the media. When they are taken to task on those comments they blame everybody else but themselves. We then become the enemy, and how dare we draw attention to their comments. Its our fault remember?

Those people under fire start calling for unity among shooters! Those who often preach unity are the ones least likely to practice it. Harvey and Sporting Shooter Magazine are the ones causing dis-unity, stand up and accept that fact, stop blaming others for your division!

Its time that people who would attempt to blame us for their media shortcomings stand up and take responsibility for their weak media presence and weak arguments they put forward.

Dont forget, how dare we want our rights back!

Sporting Shooter Magazine Technical Editor Nick Harvey Praises Howard Gun Laws

Nick HarveyNick Harvey the Technical Editor of Sporting Shooter Magazine has been caught out 2 weeks before the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur Massacre by writing to the Daily Telegraph supporting the John Howard 1996 gun reforms.

In his article dated April 12th 2016, Harvey concedes;

One good thing that Howard’s gun laws did achieve, however, was to ensure that idiot shooters (obviously there were a few) could no longer get their hands on semi-auto and assault-type weapons. Prior to the law being enacted this country was flooded with Russian and Chinese-made SKS and SKK assault rifles and millions of rounds of cheap ex-military ammunition. Genuine sport shooters and hunters have no need for this type of firearm.

Firstly, Harvey says there were a lot of shooters who were idiots and can no longer get their hands on semi automatic firearms. One would think that if a shooter is not a fit and proper person then they should not have access to any firearms, no matter what the action type.

Secondly,  Harvey says that there was a flood of Chinese and Russian made SKS firearms in Australia and cheap ex-military ammunition. My answer is so what? Is military ammunition some how more dangerous than regular ammunition? Isn’t all ammunition made to a safe standard worldwide?

Before the 1996 gun laws people could buy what they could afford. People got into the sport for mateship, hunting, shooting, and to enjoy themselves. The sport is not be governed by the fact that people cannot afford expensive rifles therefore they have no business getting into the shooting sports. The shooting sports is all about making it as inclusive as we possibly can for everyone, for whatever reason.

Thirdly, Harvey shares his wisdom that “Genuine sports shooters or hunters have no need for these types of rifles”. Clearly Nick Harvey hasn’t been to New Zealand or many other countries around the world where these types of rifles are enjoyed by collectors, hunters and sports shooters. Clearly New Zealand gun owners must be idiots too, right nick? Some gun owners just want to own one because they like that firearm. What business or right does Nick Harvey have to tell what gun owners can and cant own? Those ideas are better left for authoritarian types bent on telling other people what to do.

Sporting Shooter Magazine consisting of Editor Marcus O’Dean and Publisher Jim Harnwell, clearly have no problem with Harvey’s comments. That’s because we haven’t heard a single whisper from them since the issue blew up on social media. One can only assume that “Uncle Nick” is one of the boys who has no interest in protecting gun rights in Australia.

For 20 years gun owners have fought long and hard to prevent further restrictions on gun ownership and to see some laws relaxed for the law abiding people who never done anything wrong. Nick Harvey’s comments have done irreparable damage to gun rights in Australia.

Since Sporting Shooter Magazine is silent on the fierce backlash they have been receiving, we can only assume they support Nick Harvey’s comments, a move that will not only cost them financially, but also in reputation.

AHP #95 – The Everyday Hunter With Marty Phillips

AHP095 - Marty Phillips

On this episode of The Everyday Hunter:

  • Who is Marty Phillips the hunter and shooter
  • His favourite guns
  • Martys go to calibers
  • What he likes to hunt
  • Getting people into shooting
  • Who he votes for and the QLD political scene

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.