SSAA To Support NPWS In Supplementary Pest Control Program in National Parks

I honestly dont really know what to say? For the past 6 months hunters, shooters and fishos have been hammering the state Liberal O’Farrell Government with letter writing and meeting with their local Members of Parliament. On November 12th 2013 the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia NSW announced they had been in talks with an approach from the National Parks and Wildlife Service to partner up in the Supplementary Pest Control program where the government utilises recreational hunters to cull animals in 12 National Parks around NSW.

For over 6 months we have been told the best course of action is to boycott this “Culling Program” because it was destined to be a complete failure after the Liberal O’Farrell Government turned his back on shooters and hunters in NSW by going back on his promise. The promise was to allow hunting 79 National Parks to be run by the Game Council of NSW. Unfortunately, the Premier Barry O’Farrell wielded the axe on the Game Council of NSW after an independent report by private consultant Steve Dunn showed alleged governance issues with the now defunct Game Council. Whats worth mentioning is the author of the report Steve Dunn is now embroiled in a Commission Against Corruption inquiry regarding his time as the head of Fisheries and his association with the disgraced Eddie Obeid!

I cant fathom for any reason why the SSAA would want to partner up with National Parks and Wildlife Service when many of those employees have an anti hunting bias. It is purely about money? Or is it a development to eventually take over state land hunting and forcing people to become members of the SSAA when they wouldn’t have normally? Therefor if you are not a member of the SSAA then you will have no access to public land hunting in NSW? I would seem they have not consulted any organisations, hunters or shooters as a group collective as to the best course of action.

This really is sounding like a HUGE double edged sword!  On one hand if the Supplementary Pest Control Program fails it could be the downfall and removal of all public land hunting in NSW. On the flip side if its successful then it pushes the assertion  that supervised culling of feral pests on public land works and get results. That plays into the hands the Greens Party and giving the anti hunters more ammo to have ALL public lands as supervised culling programs including State Forests.

This totally wreaks of genuine reason type stuff where you have to join a club or multiple clubs just to hold a Firearms licence. Eventually we may have to buy a game hunting licence from the Department of Primary Industries and join a club to be eligible to hunt on public land. I dont mean the  existing system of having to join an Approved Hunting Organisation(AHO) but you will be forced to join a  SPECIFIC club who holds the agreement to hunt on public land. That would take away peoples choice of which club they want to join and not the one that is forced down their throats!

I have dealt with a Diana Melham the executive director of the SSAA a few times and even interviewed her for Episode #22 of the Australian Hunting Podcast and have always found her to be friendly and accommodating. This is what makes this decision by SSAA NSW to support this failed model of supervised culling even more baffling especially without consultation. But then again, maybe that was the plan after all?

Remember, culling is NOT hunting! How about some answers SSAA NSW?

AHP #22 – SSAA NSW Executive Director Diana Melham

AHP022 - Diana Melham

On This Episode Of AHP:

  • SSAA NSW Executive Director Diana Melham on the direction of SSAA NSW
  • Building ranges in NSW
  • What the SSAA stand for
  • What the SSAA does for shooters
  • What she likes to shoot
  • The association and what it stands for

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