AHP #151 – Guns In Australia With Mark Latham

 Mark Latham has had a long career in politics and political commentary which has spanned over 30 years. Mark was the former federal leader of the Labor Party that lost the election to John Howard in 2004. Mark formed the outsiders after being let go by Sky News for certain remarks that free speech opponents didn’t like. He has become a political commentator and a proponent of free speech in Australia and believes the Labor party are only about identity politics.

Mark Latham shares his opinions on:

  • Free speech and the nanny state
  • His thoughts on the Labor Party in 2017
  • Joining The Rebel Media
  • Mark Lathams Outsiders
  • Firearms registration
  • US school shootings
  • Why status quo gun laws should remain
  • Why he thinks there is no appetite to change gun laws in Australia

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.


AHP #114 – Robert Danieli Of The Australian Country Party

AHP114 - Robert DanieliThe first podcast for the AHP 2016 federal election special we have a chat with Robert Danieli from the Australian Country Party. Robert talks about agricultural resources in water management, and the gun laws in Australia.

Robert shares his thoughts on:

  • What The Country Party stands for
  • Registration of firearms in Australia
  • Over priced water resources
  • The monopoly on water resources
  • Agriculture and farmers products
  • The Adler Shotgun

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.


AHP #47 – Beyond The Divide With Rob Fickling

AHP047 - Rob FicklingWhat is Beyond the Divide you might ask? Beyond the Divide is a hunting and shooting TV show developed by the good folks at Moroka.30.  Moroka.30 is a business that caters for hunting and shooting gear for the budding hunter and shooter.

Rob Fickling is the driver behind Moroka.30 and the TV show Beyond the Divide. Rob has invested thousands of hours preparing and delivering the show that is televised on channel 44 across Australia. The show has just completed its first season and was lauded as a huge success for recreational hunting and shooting in Australia.

The show discovers many hunting habitat from Australia, to the far reaches of Canada in search of great hunting opportunities. The footage captured is indicative of the hours Rob puts into the show to deliver you a great hunting and shooting experience right from your lounge room. Of course the whole point is to get you motivated to get into the outdoors and amongst nature and to relish the time spent hunting and shooting.

Visit Moroka.30 and Beyond the Divide.