AHP #125 – Master Game Cook Jason Spencer Of Hunt Catch Cook

AHP125 - Cooking Game With Hunt Catch Cooks Jason SpencerJason Spencer of Hunt Catch Cook returns to AHP for the third time to talk about hunting, cooking, and getting the best out of your hunting and game cooking experience.

Jason shares his thoughts and opinions on:

  • Hunting camels in Western Australia
  • How to simplify game cooking
  • Tools of the trade
  • cleanliness and safety
  • Simple recipes to make delicious meals
  • His story of beer chugging from the strangest long glass around

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.


AHP #56 – Camp Cooking With The Cast Iron Boys

AHP056 - Cast Iron BoysFood hey? Who doesn’t love a good camp meal after a long hike, hunt or fish? Join us as Mick Viller from the Cast Iron Boys discusses all aspects of camp cooking including:

  • What can be used to cook with while camping
  • Starting out in cast iron cooking
  • Best types of cast iron
  • What you can cook in cast iron
  • Cleaning cast iron
  • How to season cast iron
  • Baking techniques for cast iron
  • Most popular camp oven sizes
  • Fuel sources for camp cooking
  • Making camp oven cooking simple and delicious

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast


AHP #46 – Game Cooking Round 2 With Hunt Catch Cooks Jason Spencer

AHP046 - Jason SpencerGame cooking and preparing meat is such a huge part of what we do. The whole hunting and shooting lifestyle and taking from the land the most organic free range meat certainly is very rewarding. Taking game meat from the field to the table certainly is a humble process from start to finish.

Jason Spencer from Hunt Catch Cook returns  to the Australian Hunting Podcast to share more game cooking tips and recipes to take your game meat and cooking preparation to a whole new level. Jason has built Hunt Catch Cook into the premier resource for Australian folks looking at simeple and easy ways to prepare game meat dishes with minimal fuss and easy ingredients. Jason shares some yummy recipes for deer, rabbit, goat and much more.

Visit Jason at www.huntcatchcook.com


AHP #36 – Field To Table With Hunt Catch Cooks Jason Spencer

AHP035 - Jason SpencerWelcome back to another Episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast. In Episode #36 I talk with Hunt Catch Cooks Jason Spencer. Jason hails from Western Australia and loves hunting, shooting and fishing just like we do.

Jason shares his wealth of knowledge of Game Cooking and how to get the game from the field to the table. Jason shares some of his techniques as well as some insider tips on game preparation and recipes to make your mouth water. Jason discusses methods the he sticks by and stresses that cleanliness and hygiene of game meat is paramount when taking game for the table.

Jason also isn’t scared of trying different types of meat such as horse and teaches us that meat can be prepared properly and taste just as good as any other game meat.


AHP #7 – Game Cooking With English Game Chef Mark Gilchrist

AHP007 -Mark GilchristGame Cooking is an integral part of hunting, shooting and fishing. Being able to prepare a nice meal of game meat is not only very rewarding but also very tasty.

English game chef Mark Gilchrist joins us to discuss all types of game cooking and some awesome recipes to get you started. Mark also discusses whats its like, in his opinion, to be a hunter in the UK and what obstacles exist.

Mark often runs game cooking fairs in the UK for his catering company Game for Everything.

Lets get cooking!