AHP #78 – Straight Shooting

AHP078 - Straight Shooting

On this episode of AHP:

  • Working with guests and its rare difficulties
  • The Sydney Siege
  • ABC 7:30 David Leyonhjelms self defence gun debate
  • Shooters and Fishers Parties Robert Borsaks Sky News Interview
  • Donald Trump on Charlie Hebdo attacks in France
  • Calls for the banning of compound bows
  • Apathetic Shooter segment
  • $1000 fine for family for catching 3 crayfish
  • South Australia Fishing Alliance fights against fishing licence fee(tax)
  • SSAA Gold Membership with Insurance of up to $25000
  • NSW Police call for my weapons to combat terrorism

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

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