AHP #173 – Social Media And YouTube With Ozzie Reviews

On This Episode Of AHP:

  • Ozzie Reviews drops by again to discuss YouTube and Social Media issues
  • Whats been happening in the world of Ozzie Reviews
  • YouTube’s new firearms content policy which is making waves
  • What he will do if his channel is deleted
  • Videos strikes and demonetisation of videos for gun channels
  • Other social media services for shooting videos
  • The left wing lunacy of Silicone Valley tech companies in California

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

GME Accustat Personal Locator Beacon

SAFETY! It is very important especially if you are going out on your own. You can use these hunting, shooting, hiking or any outdoor activity. This brand will run around $300 – $350. Make sure you get the GPS enabled PLB. Check out the video review below. Like and comment.

Browning Grand Prix Shotgun Review

I got a new shotgun! I made a video review below about the new firearm. check it out.Like and comment on the video.

Make: Browning Grand Prix
Gauge: 12 bore
Barrel Length: 30 inches
Chokes: 5x Invector+  extended tubes
Finish: Wood & blued
Cased: Yes
Price: $2420

Benelli M2 12 Gauge Shotgun Review

Well I went through the process and imported a Benelli M2 12 gauge synthetic with Comfortech Stock and a 28″ barrel. Great piece of kit. It did have a small pit/rust on the top of the barrel in one area obviously due to sitting at customs for sometime with only the packing grease from the factory. I got most of it off with a little solvent but it could need some more attention. But lets get out and shoot it first!

Came in a hard case with 5 chokes.

Hope to get to shoot it on the weekend. Thanks to the folks at Beretta!